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Ambassadors of Advertising

12 Billboards of the artists Charles Dee (Accra), Joe Mensah (Accra),
Daniel A. Jasper (Teshie) und Simon Kladeh (Nungua); supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the companies; exhibited at tube station "Afrikanische Straße", Berlin, Goetheinstitut Accra, in front of MQ in Vienna, 2004 - 2014


Daniel Jasper, Joe Mensah with team


The posters advertise large companies and use the headings, color schemes and slogans prescribed in the briefings and designed for Europe. The artists surprisingly change the intended advertising messages, making them more direct and focused on the actual object. As a result, the usual advertising here in Europe appears strangely hypocritical  and misleading. My part was to bring the companies and the African illustrators together and to accompany the collaboration.

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