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Brown Coal Maps

two maps 1x1 m, stories, photographs, several objects, 2019


​The first map on the left shows the progressive land usage by coal mining around the town Regis-Breitingen and devastated villages. Nearly every area was affected. On the second map one can see transformations of rivers and lakes in the coal mining area located south of Leipzig. The color gradations of the newly created waters point out their different PH value. The black lines show today's straightened rivers.

What I took with me - moving stories: The residents of Regis-Breitingen often moved - they moved here because of the lignite mining or because of the devastation of the villages. After reunification and with the decline of the industry many moved away. In the meantime there has been an influx again - due to the rising rents in Leipzig. The photo on the right shows a house number taking along by the former homeowner when she had to leave because of the the village had to give way to mining. I collected such relocation objects and stories from the residents of Regis-Breitingen and put them together for an exhibition.

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