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Woman Dressing 

Cadavre Exquis, Series, 15x20 cm, in cooperation with artists from Papua New Guinea as part of the project Deutsch 1914 / Papua Niugini 2014 by Marion Struck Garbe and Alfred Banze

Beim Ankleiden.jpg

The drawings refer to the titles of works of the expressionist painter Max Pechstein he did, inspired by his "South Sea Journey" 1913/14. Expressionist exoticism as an expression of western fantasies becomes clear in Pechstein's numerous portrayals of women: they appear as nature-loving, friendly-seductive and permissive beings, which seem to enjoy only their mere Existence in a beautiful nature free from dependencies and compulsions. The Cadavre Exquis * refer to selected titles of Pechsteins paintings. Two independent associations were developed, on one half of the sheet by an artist from PNG, on the other half by Ingeborg Lockemann.

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