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First of May

city map, 1,20 x 2,50 m, for the exhibition “Walk!”, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Berlin, 2007; Mapping of the confrontations between police and protestors on May 1st from 1987-2007 in Berlin-Kreuzberg



Regularly, for the last 20 years the revolution has taken place in the narrow area between Oranienplatz and Görlitzer Bahnhof in Berlin district of Kreuzberg. It reminds me of a game with rules and rituals and some imponderabilities. "Tools" and arms, new gamer, camouflages and hideaways are important in this game. Only the starting point of the game, (which street, what time) remains surprisingly and differs from year to year. On the map one can see important turns, attacs and special attractions in this game. I used documentaries of the several participating groups, stories of eyewitnesses and reports of the police as well. The narratives differ, there are several interests behind them, the map doesn't show a clear picture.

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