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Als wir uns erholten und Freizeit hatten

Video, 7 min, 2019


Videostills and  photographs  of sculptures in Frankfurt  (Friedemann Klos: "Erholung und Freizeit", Liz Mields-Kratochwil: "Geschwister")

In this video, the artists engage themselves with a selection of the numerous socialistic, figurative sculptures (1955-1990) which characterize Frankfurt's public space. Mohr/Lockemann re-enact the figure's postures in order to experience the expression of the works and the underlying ideas in a physical way. There are many postures and shapes to be observed that makes one think of "relaxation and leisure" (such as the title of a sculpture by Friedemann Klos). The majority of these sculptures present the female body in various model-like poses. A recurring motif presents women resting, sitting or crouching and mostly being depicted as nudes. If one assumes the postures of the figures, it becomes apparent that they are often uncomfortable and unnatural.

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