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Kanzleramt / Sleeper House

Video, 10 min, 2008

Sleeperhouse Kanzleramt

"This world is so full of wonderful things. What makes people suddenly go berserk
and hate everything anyway? I mean why does there have to be an underground?"

In their video, Mohr/Lockemann can be seen on two sides: outside and inside of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. They take on two roles: as rebels beyond the fence, stalking, sneaking, hiding, and as persons being inside the house contemplating about wonderful pieces of art, enigmatic rebels and pretending to be in a "search for meaning". The video presents various roles of the artists and the functionalization of art: as a gesture of resistance and as an established, representative form. The film incorporates fragments of text from the movie Sleeper, by Woody Allen. Here, the special architecture of the so-called Sleeper House serves as a backdrop. The futuristic building in the movie, is used as one of the centers of power by the people of the future. Here, resides the ruling class and enjoy  homage to all that is beautiful. Around the Sleeper House, the rebels are hiding in the woods.

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