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Great leap forward

two channel video, 7 min, 2015


The video was created as a contribution to the exhibition "Praise for Work". The starting point was the Berlin Moabit district as a former production location and workers' residential district. The research on the Commune 1, which lived in Moabit at the end of the 1960s and also planned its situationistically influenced political actions in public space, was inspiring for the work. The municipality 1 propagated individual freedoms and communist / Maoist concepts alike. In the video, Moabit's artists simultaneously imitate certain movements in public space. These gestures and ballet figures are quotations from the Chinese revolutionary-pathetic "model operas", the only cultural productions that were created and allowed during the Cultural Revolution. Lockemann / Mohr are examining their impact today in the context of everyday life and the (former) industrial architecture in Moabit.

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