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Light on Bornholm

Video, 11 min, 2018

Licht auf Bornholm

In the beginning the video, "Light on Bornholm" Mohr/Lockemann are shown in different rooms of a concrete building shell on a construction site. Their sometimes synchronous activities are different from those that would be expected on a construction site, as the they re-enact movements that are associated with gardening; working with  soil, beds and fields and handling plants. These movements are out of context on the conrete floors, but present analogies to collective dance configurations. The filming locations show a major construction site for upmarket condominiums, an urban gardening colony (Bornholm I) in Berlin's Pankow district and numerous situations in the partially demolished garden colony of Oeynhausen in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Supporting actors include the band Harald Wilk & Friends and the linedancer group of the allotment garden colony Bornholm II.

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