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Installations, Video, Fotos, Workshops. 2013 Galerie M Berlin-Marzahn


"We are one spark of a great chain reaction."

Drop City, a former community of the hippie era, founded 1965 in Trinidad / Colorado, became famous due to the dwellings that were built by the founders and their guests. Influenced by the ideas of Buckminster Fuller, they used the molecular design principles for construction. They tried living independently with self-chosen fields of work, modest lifestyles, aesthetics, with an interaction between art and life and without hierarchy.
 As well, pioneering spirit and ideals played a role in the East German housing communities in Berlin-Marzahn, which reflected the ideals of the political party, whereby, the builders and residents were less committed. The state art-in-architecture program brought colour and attitude to the grid-patterned living environment. The residents of Drop City perceived that leisure and flexible time scheduling were a breeding ground for everything new. Also in Marzahn it seems that the residents have a lot of spare time – couldn’t something unexpected happen here? In gallery M, the artists try various incantations and rituals for raising the spirits of those times and places.

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