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The orchid walk

two-channel video, 13 min, 2017

Die Orchideenwanderung5.jpg

This video takes place around the city square, Eichplatz in Jena, which is scheduled to be rejuvenated. Visionary thoughts and ideas of an ideal future have been important criteria in the past when it came to the design of this centrally located square. Do we have visions today that could be coperated into the design process? "The Orchid Walk" tells the story of a mission with different levels of action embedded in a sciencefiction-like framework. The artists experience the space in its current extensive quality, as a place where layers of time are visible, the green spreads pleasantly, and one can gaze out across a gigantic parking lot, opening views into the distance. Furthermore, they translate the text of the "urban planning framework Eichplatzareal" physically-spatially in gestures and different postures. In the end, the protagonists disappear, not without first sowing a kind of "cosmic rhizome". 

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