Video, ca. 10 min, 2008

The video focuses on Gallery M (Berlin-Marzahn), constructed during the period of the German Democratic Republic. The palatial jagged structure of the Gallery M triggers associations with expressionist films. The protagonists circle the gallery, visit an exhibition opening, where they meet a dedicated circle of visitors. They explore the gallery's surroundings, the shopping mall "Eastgate" and several restaurants. Besides its documentary qualities, the film depicts ironic moments and aspects of dark fantasy that are sporatically seen during the scenes. The artists combine their own images with those from Polanski's "Dance of the Vampires" or Murnau's "Nosferatu". This turns their film into kind of contemporary gothic story. The Viewer involuntarily begins to see a relationship between Marzahn and Transylvania, the realm of Dracula's darkness and the outskirts of Berlin.